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Welcome to S-Ray Innovators


Researchers, innovators, and early adopters are those who are motivated to stay in the lead when it comes to implementing new technology. The S-Ray ClearView SCAN/R™ is only available on allocation and is intended for practicing clinicians, dental universities and dental researchers to utilize the ClearView SCAN/R™ and review the real time, simultaneous ultrasound scans to help confirm the diagnostic value and definition of the product features. 

By claiming your place in line to take delivery of the first models, you become a direct participant in the development of future ultrasound imaging capabilities on the ClearView SCAN/R™ platform, and  help shape the future of a new category of diagnostic imaging in dentistry.

S-Ray Innovators receive direct communications from our expert team in research and development as they design new applications, and have access to confidential communications with the executive team on new product development. Your opinions become a crucial part of the Market Driven Innovation process of S-Ray's product development plan.

Sign up today and secure your position as an innovative leader and you will be among the first to take delivery of the  ClearView SCAN/R™ as allocation is made available.


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No payment or credit information is required. When allocation is made available, you may opt out of delivery with no obligation. Your assigned allocation will be forfeited and offered to the next customer in line. 

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