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ClearView SCAN/R™


S-Ray’s ClearView SCAN/R™ system

is an innovative ultrasound intra-oral imaging system. ClearView SCAN/R™ is designed to be adjunct, radiation-free imaging for soft-tissue anatomy that radiographs fail to detect, delivering a new category of imaging capability to clinicians for diagnosis and treatment planning.


Clinicians will be able to take frequent images, obtain more diagnostic information, and even utilize real time imaging during procedures to ensure treatment protocols are achieving their objectives. 


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Flexible Style, More Possibilities


Cordless Enabled

19-inch Display

Touch Control

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S-Ray Education Center



The built-in learning modules of the S-Ray Education Center enable new users to follow guidance and instruction for specific applications to ensure accurate results.

Intraoral ultrasonography: development of a specific high-frequency probe and clinical pilot study.

Benjamin Salmon – Dominique LeDenmat

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Versatile Application

ClearView SCAN/R™ probes are designed for specific imaging applications and are not limited by traditional transducer configurations. The accuracy and versatility of CMUT technology allows the design of a full range of innovative probe applications for dental diagnostic imaging. 

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