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The Accurate and Safe Solution for Do It Yourself Case Review

Today S-Ray Incorporated announces its At Home Ultrasound Digital Impression System. This simple to use, smartphone based full dental arch scanner is designed to provide accurate 3D scans suitable for use in the rapidly growing Direct to Consumer clear orthodontic aligner market.

This At Home system will be used by customers instead of the uncomfortable and inaccurate conventional impression kits used by virtually all Direct to Consumer providers such as Smile Direct Club, Candid and byte.

Steve Baird, Executive Chairman gave these three reasons for this game changing Do It Yourself solution;

  1. The Direct to Consumer segment of dentistry is the fastest growing segment and needs high quality diagnostic data to support the significant patient demand.

  2. S-Ray will use smartphones and At Home scanners to quickly and securely connect the patient data to the licensed dentist or orthodontist. This use of teledentisry is a growing expectation by patents.

  3. By harnessing safe and low-cost ultrasound a patient can scan their own teeth, allowing us to help deliver oral health care to unserved and underserved populations.

Digital data collected by the ultrasound scan will provide more accurate and consistent diagnosis and treatment planning by the licensed dentist or orthodontist, Direct to Consumer providers will have a higher case acceptance (increased revenue), better fitting treatment systems and improved outcomes to address some of the issues facing this new segment of dentistry.

Baird, also a shareholder in S-Ray, plans initial systems to be in use by one or more Direct to Consumer providers mid-year. Due to the high growth and anticipated demand, Baird believes that S-Ray would benefit from a partnership in the dental industry. He said “our core competency developed over the past 10 years of work is to develop ultrasound for dentistry, we are best off staying in that area of work and handing off this product to a partner needing an improved Do It Yourself impression solution”.

For more information about S-Ray Incorporated and the At Home Ultrasound Digital Impression System contact Steve Baird,

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