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S-Ray Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation based in Vancouver, Washington. The company has pioneered a breakthrough technology and visualization modality for imaging the intra-oral anatomy without the use of harmful radiation.

The ClearView SCAN/R™  system uses advanced custom ultrasound probes designed specifically to overcome the challenges found in imaging the internal detail of soft tissues in and around the oral cavity. The output of these advanced probes, synchronized with integrated optical imaging information is then rendered by modular software applications built upon a proprietary platform of ultrasound image processing software. 


S-Ray has been issued its first patent, which provides coverage for the company’s unique way of using ultrasound for dental applications. An additional 31 provisional patents have been secured for other aspects of the system and additional software.





S-Ray, Inc. was founded in 2008. The research and development laboratory located in Redmond, Washington is an active part of the Seattle-area’s “Ultrasound Cluster,” a collection of businesses, research facilities, organizations and more, all of which are centered around the development of Ultrasound Technology.

Aligning with the principles of product leadership competency, S-Ray follows the Market-Driven Innovation process as a priority.

Market-Driven Innovation requires that any and all products or enhancements must be reviewed and validated by the intended recipients before development begins. This ensures that any development costs have a basis for producing an end product that will be readily adopted, preventing wasted capital to build products that “seemed like a good idea at the time” but failed to gain traction with the intended beneficiaries.


Executive Team:

Led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steve Baird, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and medical ultrasound technology expert Jimin Zhang Ph.D., S-Ray, Inc. is developing products for clinical dental applications utilizing the company’s innovative and patented Ultrasound platform. The company has developed close working relationships with recognized authorities in clinical dental education and formed exclusive partnerships with expert research and development in support of S-Ray's product and education content development.  




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