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S-Ray is a biotech healthcare company that is the leader in research and development of innovative diagnostic imaging for dentistry, utilizing state-of-the-art, patented ultrasound technology. In partnership with leading researchers and clinicians throughout the global dental profession, S-Ray is dedicated to providing a new category of imaging capability to dentistry for diagnosis and treatment planning.

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S-Ray is pioneering the use of ultrasound diagnostic imaging in dentistry to deliver relevant diagnostic information that is unavailable in other imaging modalities, while mitigating the health risks to patients related to radiation in dentistry, especially children during their developmental years.


S-Ray has developed an exclusive partnership with the industry leading R & D lab and manufacturer of Capacitive Micro-Machined Ultrasound Transducer (CMUT) arrays to produce S-Ray’s patented intra-oral scanning probes to produce superior quality high-frequency ultrasound diagnostic images that are exclusive to S-Ray’s ClearView SCAN/R™ platform.



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ClearView SCAN/R™

S-Ray’s ClearView SCAN/R™ system is dentistry's first ultrasound intra-oral imaging system that leverages CMUT and MEMS transducer technology and patented software applications built into a medical grade platform. The ClearView™ platform will continue to deliver expanded capabilities with the introduction of new probes designed for specific diagnostic purposes. ClearView SCAN/R™ delivers adjunct, radiation-free imaging for into-oral  soft-tissue anatomy that radiographs fail to detect, delivering a new category of imaging capability to clinicians for diagnosis and treatment planning.

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